Earlier today, the Internet was abuzz with reports of what was to be the greatest boxing entrance to the ring in a while: For this Saturday night's highly-anticipated Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alverez, Mayweather was rumored to have six year old Vine legend Terio walk him into the ring.

Upon hearing this, the Internet went a little nuts:

Just imagine: one of the most celebrated/reviled boxers in the world, being walked to the ring by a six year old kid. The rumor, which appeared to originate with Black Sports Online, could prove to be an amazing sports moment. 

If it were true. Which, we're sad to report, it is not.

Or as Terio's mother noted when we checked in with her over email: 

"Lol its not true"

Floyd's going to have to stick with Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber and 50 Cent for now (none of whom have the innate charisma of the moment and great juju currently associated with Terio). Until then, here is Terio in front of the White House:

Previously, Terio's been impersonated by both the Washington Wizards' John Wall and the Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson (in a touchdown dance on Monday night). Most recently, Meek Mill used a Terio sample and mimiced Terio in his diss response to Kendrick Lamar.

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