The other day, we ripped teenagers for engaging in stupid activities like "car surfing." But we would like to point out that not all teens are complete idiots when it comes to comes to cars and life in general. Just check out what 19-year-old Guilford, Conn. resident Peter Schioppo II did recently. 

Schioppo and several of his friends were hanging out near a dock on the East River a little after 10 p.m. on Saturday night when they watched a Buick drive into the river and start sinking. And it sunk rather quickly, making it difficult for the man inside the car to get out. So Schioppo sprung into action. He jumped into the river to try and rescue the man and ended up punching out the back window of the Buick with his bare fist in order to bring the man to safety (miraculously, he didn't break his hand by doing it). As a result, the man—who was later found to be intoxicated—will be fine thanks to the quick thinking of Schioppo.

"There were no brake lights on," Schioppo told ABC News later while discussing the incident. "We looked at each other, not believing it actually happened. Then we all ran toward the dock. I called 911 and handed my phone off to one of them, and we all pulled the car toward the shore. That's when the front completely sank and hit the bottom. So I jumped in."

It's a good thing he did, too. If not for his bravery, the man likely would have died. Check out the video above to see Schioppo talk more about his heroic save.

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[via ABC News]