The Steelers look like they might be one of the worst teams in the NFL this season. It feels weird saying that, seeing as though they have a lot of talented guys on their roster. But their offense stinks so far, which is why they're 0-2 on the year and facing a tough matchup against the Bears this Sunday night.

So what are they doing to try and turn things around? Watching more film? Bringing in a couple more veterans? Practicing harder? Um, no. Instead, the Steelers veterans recently decided that one reason they're struggling is that their younger guys are too focused on things outside of football. So effective immediately, they've banned anyone with less than four years of NFL experience from playing ping-pong or shooting pool in the Steelers facility. Yep, you heard that right. Their solution to their 0-2 start is to limit the amount of fun their young guys can have.

Will it work? We'll have to see on Sunday. But this is definitely a pretty unorthodox way to try and motivate a locker room.

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[via The Other Paper]