GM mortally wounded Saab long before the recession hit, but when the financial collapse did happen, the life support was cut promptly. The brand was then passed to Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker, and a valiant effort to raise Saab from the dead was made, but GM managed to put it down once more by refusing to let Spyker use virtually any of Saab's existing assets. In order to recoup some of that loss, the Saab brand was sold to National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) a holding company that is largely owned by Hong Kong-based National Modern Energy Holdings.

We has more or less given up on Zombie Saab ever returning to life at this point. 

Amazingly, Saab's plant in Trollhattan was active yesterday, with employees building two gas-powered 9-3s to test the production line. NEVS is hoping to sell 120,000 cars annually by 2016, which sounds like very wishful thinking to us.

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