Is Roddy White currently on your fantasy football roster? Then you're probably kicking yourself for starting him yesterday. Even though you knew he had a bum ankle heading into the season, you thought he'd give you something—anything!—against the Saints. But he only managed to put up two receptions and 19 yards for the Falcons. Not good.

Next Sunday, White wants you to do something before you decide to start him again: PAY ATTENTION TO HIS STATUS DURING THE WEEK! After hearing a lot of complaints from fantasy football owners about his performance yesterday, he took to his Twitter account a little while ago to give fantasy owners a little bit of advice:

White says that he will not be giving injury updates prior to games moving forward (obviously, because that would give opposing teams an advantage). But he did emphasis that he doesn't want to hear fantasy owners complaining again if he continues to play hurt and doesn't put up big numbers.

So for now, keep dude on your bench—and pay close attention to his practice status. If he practices during the week, he plays and probably plays well. But if he doesn't, he could very well be a decoy out on the field for at least a few weeks.

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[via SB Nation]