Applies to: Packers, Bears, Bucs, Rams, lots of Teams

It seems like it's been 100 years since Vince Young graced the cover of Madden. Like that franchise, the former NCAA champion hasn't aged very gracefully. Maybe he's suffering from the longest running of the "curses." Thankfully (or not, if you don't believe in B.J. Coleman) for Packers fans Young just got cut. As many an unwanted parent has found out, there can be serious consequences for lacking a "Plan B." It's remarkable how many teams in the NFL are one injury away from a catastrophic season. If that starting quarterback goes down (and it's a definite possibility), you could be stuck with B.J. Coleman instead of Aaron Rodgers, Austin Davis instead of Sam Bradford, or Josh McCown instead of Jay Cutler. Clearly, the short-lived Caleb Hanie era taught the Chicago Bears brass nothing.

This simple rule of thumb also stands to reason on positions besides field general. The Bucs spent this spring/summer bolstering a less than adequate secondary in a pass-happy division. They bought their own island in Darelle Revis, but, he's coming off major knee surgery. If his wheel can't hold up, Tampa fans could be in for another long season and may be forced to (God forbid) support the Rays for once.