Welp, you can't blame a guy for trying, right? Earlier today, Jim Eichenhofer of Pelicans.com revealed a letter on Twitter of an unknown person who wanted a crack at making the New Orleans Pelicans' squad. Of course, the individual needed to really sell himself to the organization, so he said he's better than Kevin DurantLeBron James, Michael Jordan and "Kobie" (we're assuming he meant Kobe Bryant). 

Oh yeah...WHAT?! With that type of talent, how could any team pass this guy up? And if it couldn't get any better, all he wants is $1 million. OK, start putting that contract together ASAP! SMH.

For real, though, we've all probably thought about taking that shot in the dark chance but never followed through. So, we commend the guy for trying, but yeah, nothing is going to come of this. Good try.  

Peep the letter above, or read below.

How would you like a 1 mill a year superstar better than KD LeBron James MJ Kobie Bryant. I am serious I’m top notch. I haven’t played in 5 years and can do it all. Need to practice I am rusty. I am 6’3″ to 6’5″ can do shot’s block post pass defend rebound steal run do it all. Come get in touch I’ll be top of the NBA in two years. I’m [redacted] want only 1 mill for life a year. At least come get me [???] me one year. Phone [redacted] [???] [redacted]. I’m what you need for total success. I play hurt sick and still win. See ya.

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[via Jim Eichenhofer]