Player(s): Tom Brady
Date: 9/12/2013

Thursday night's football game was bad enough to fuck up your entire week. Yeah, it rained and yeah, linebacker Tedy Bruschi had his faux-Shawshank Redemption moment by cavorting in the downpour after being inducted into the Patriots' Hall of Fame. But the actual game itself was a pain to watch. Tom Brady—who finished with an un-Bradylike 19-for-39 with just 185 yards—and his receivers looked pretty much out of sync throughout the game.

Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompson kept screwing up passes and misrunning routes, and after one missed touchdown opportunity, he looked like he was an incomplete pass away from just tagging that whole receivers core with a leather belt. Brady is definitely to blame for that poor performance too, because he did overthrow some easy targets.

All of this and they were still able to defeat a still hapless Jets offense 13-10, thanks to an increasingly suspect Geno Smith again throwing three interceptions. With Mark Sanchez out of the picture, Smith is going to have to improve—a lot. Like, as soon as possible.