We've been hearing the warning to always wear our helmets since the days of strap-on skates and Razor scooters, but that doesn't mean we were listening. Every now and then a video surfaces that makes us think twice about what our mothers tried to drill into our minds. This motor scooter rider is glad that he listened as a kid, because his helmet may have just saved his life. As you will see in the video below, the back of the rider's scooter is tapped by a car which sends him spinning out of control. He then lands on his feet but his momentum sends him head first into a pole. If he wasn't wearing a helmet, that metal pole could have caused some serious damage, and if the pole wasn't there he would have fallen into oncoming traffic, so really he dodged two bullets. Moral of the story? Don't ride a motor scooter, but if you have no other choice, make sure you're wearing a helmet.

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[via AutoEvolution]