If you saw a man steal a woman's cell phone, jump into his car, and attempt to drive away, would you jump onto the hood to try and stop him from leaving? We're gonna go with…no. We're all for trying to help out a stranger in need. But jumping on top of a moving car to stop a cell phone theft sounds like going above and beyond the call of duty.

Yet, that's exactly what two men did in England recently. They saw a man steal a woman's cell phone outside of a pub in Birmingham (photo of the area above) and, rather than simply call the cops, they decided to try and stop him. So they jumped onto the hood of his car and held on for dear life while the man sped away at approximately 40 mph. Unfortunately, they weren't able to stop him, and they were eventually thrown from the car when he braked at a stop light. But police tracked him down a short time later and arrested him. They also basically called the two guys idiots for doing what they did.

"They undoubtedly acted very bravely," a detective said, "but we would never encourage members of the public to put themselves in situations where their safety is jeopardized."

In other words, CALL THE COPS NEXT TIME, GUYS! We appreciate the fact that you were trying to help a young lady out. But you almost lost your lives over a cell phone.

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[via The Guardian]