Quick, who is going to be the starting running back for the Cleveland Browns this Sunday now that they have traded Trent Richardson away? You have no idea, do you? Don't worry, no one else knows, either. We get the feeling that the Browns coaches might not even know. Richardson was expected to be the team's workhorse this season, so the team didn't really have a very reliable backup in place for him.

It's pretty clear that they're going to have to sign someone in the next week or so to replace him long-term, though. And that someone will likely be a reliable veteran who can carry the ball a dozen times per game and get them some decent yardage. Or will it?

Not if Maurice Clarett has anything to say about it. Although Clarett hasn't played in the NFL in almost a decade—and we use the term "played" very loosely here, since Clarett didn't do anything other than practice when he was running with the Broncos back in 2005—he put up the Instagram video that you see above earlier today and asked the Browns to give him a shot.

"The Browns wouldn't be getting somebody that's washed up," he wrote on the video's caption. "I still have life in these legs…….."

Any interest, Cleveland? We'll be honest: At the very least, it would make Browns football must-see TV for at least one week. Think about it and let your boy know.

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[via Instagram]