Why do people do some of the stupid things that they do? We have absolutely no idea. But a man from Nashua, N.H. was just arrested for doing one of the dumbest things ever.

Late Thursday night, the Nashua Police Department was called after someone observed a man firing a gun at parked cars from a second-story apartment in Nashua. And when police arrived, they noticed that two parked cars had been struck by gunfire. So they went to question a man named Colton Seymour, who lives in an apartment nearby, and found him hiding on his deck. And after a brief struggle, they arrested him and discovered the gun that he had been using to fire shots at cars parked below his deck.

They're still not sure why he shot the cars or what exactly he was thinking (fortunately, no one was in any of the cars that were hit). But he is currently being held at the Nashua Police Department on $7,500 cash bail and will be arraigned later on today. What a completely stupid thing to get arrested for.

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[via My Fox Boston]