Some people just don't know how to handle their liquor. UK native Daniel Cooper (his photo is in the thumbs gallery above) is one of those people.

According to police, Cooper got arrested back in August for—get this—getting obliterated, stripping off all of his clothes, and then trying to get it on with a Land Rover Discovery. CCTV cameras captured him grinding against the four-wheel drive vehicle outside of a restaurant in North Wales on the night of August 18. And apparently, the Land Rover isn't the only thing that he tried to holler at that night.

"First of all he was seen to be urinating [in the street]," a prosecutor revealed earlier this week. "He was then seen to go down the High Street [in North Wales] with his trousers around his ankles and his T-shirt pulled up over his head. Cooper was waving at cars and then took off his shirt completely. He was seen to enter a kebab shop where he was simulating the sex act against the corner of the counter. At one stage he lay on the ground and simulated the sex act. Then he did the same to a Land Rover Discovery vehicle which was parked nearby."

Um, ew. And why did he do all of these wild things? The father of three claims he drank a lot that evening and doesn't even remember doing any of the things he's accused of doing. In fact, he was mortified when police showed him video of him and the Land Rover sharing their special moment. And he will now have to serve a three-month ban that will prevent him from going outside between the hours of 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

"Daniel will never live this down," one of his friends said earlier this week. "Everyone is saying he was tired and exhausted afterwards. He is not a pretty sight when naked. We all felt sorry for the Land Rover and hope it wasn't offended."

Ha! It was. Believe us, it was. And it hopes Daniel Cooper never finds his way into a pub again.

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[via Mirror]