Lions safety Louis Delmas made three tackles in last Sunday's game against the Cardinals, which isn't anything spectacular but at least the dude is putting in work. There's a problem with his performance, though. Look at the above picture and see if you can spot it.

If the headline didn't tip you off and you guessed something along the lines of "black socks," you're right. Lions players are required to be in white and blue or completely blue socks to be in uniform, and Delmas' black and blue socks violated the NFL policy.

As a result, Delmas was fined $5,250 for the infraction. This is only a fraction of what teammate Ndamukong Suh got hit with for a low block, but look at this way: Delmas has to pay approximately a thousand times the cost of what it should've been to wear the correct colored socks.

Apparently Delmas didn't even know he was fined until after he saw the subtraction on his paycheck, according to MLive Sports. The NFL Fashion Police moves quietly it seems.

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[via Pro Football Talk]