For whatever reason, LeBron James has become an unofficial spokesman of sorts for Ohio State University—er, sorry, The Ohio State University!—recently. Even though he didn't go to the school and doesn't have any real connection to it, his presence has been felt there in recent years. The OSU basketball team was one of the first teams in the country to sport Nike/LeBron gear. LeBron has frequently shouted out OSU athletics and some specific athletes like Terrelle Pryor. And recently, he even received his own locker in the OSU locker room, even though the locker room is named after former player Michael Redd.

So tomorrow, prior to the Buckeyes game against Wisconsin, LeBron is reportedly going to keep his support for OSU going by delivering a pre-game speech to the school's football team. He will also be on the sidelines during the game. And not coincidentally, OSU will be hosting about 50 recruits tomorrow, meaning he'll probably get to pal around with a few of them before the day is over.

Why is he doing all this? Well, we're still not entirely sure. He obviously never went to college, so maybe he just likes the idea of being a honorary alumni of OSU. But regardless of why he's doing it, it's clear that OSU isn't going to tell him to stop supporting them anytime soon. Why would they? He's quickly becoming the King of Columbus, and that's just fine with them.

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[via Sports Illustrated]