Last week, Dennis Rodman made a trip to North Korea for the second time in 2013 to meet with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. And it sounds like the two had several productive meetings. Earlier today, Rodman held a press conference in New York and revealed that Kim asked him to come back to North Korea over the course of the next three years to help train the country's Olympic basketball team.

"They said, 'Dennis, we'd love you to do one thing for us. For the next Olympics, can you train our Olympic team to compete at the Olympics for the next three years?'" he said. "I'm like, 'Okay, I will.' He gave me the invitation for the next three years to train whoever I want."

And that's not all. In addition to training the North Korean Olympic basketball team, Rodman also said that he's going to write a book with Kim.

"It's gonna be a best seller," he said. "He gave me the rights for me and him to sit down for one month and me and him are gonna write a book together."

Wow. These two are quickly becoming besties, huh? We can't wait to see what other ridiculous ideas they've got up their sleeves.

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[via New York Post]