These days, the No Fun League has pretty much eliminated end zone dancing from the sport of football. Sure, some guys still bust a move (or 10) after they score a big touchdown. But for the most part, a touchdown celebration equals a 15-yard penalty in the modern-day NFL. So players have shied away from doing them as often as they used to.

It wasn't always this way, though. As recently as just a few years ago, touchdown celebrations were a big part of the game. So during last night's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, Fallon and guest Justin Timberlake ran through the "Evolution of the End Zone Dancing." From the "Worm" to the "Football Spin" to (of course!) "Tebowing," they hit a bunch of them. Enjoy.

Oh, and feel free to complain about the lack of end zone dancing in today's NFL in the comments section below. It's a damn shame we don't get to see more of these today, right?

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[via Deadspin]