Surprise, surprise: The Mets lost last night! The Giants came into Citi Field and beat them 8-5 to make them 67-83 on the season. It's been another looooooong year for the Metropolitans.

But at least one good thing did happen for Mets fans last night. Three years after making an appearance on SNY and helping call a game, Jerry Seinfeld once again sat in with Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling to call part of the game against the Giants. And if nothing else, he provided a welcomed distraction for Mets fans, who are again suffering through a meaningless September at the end of an MLB season.

Check out the clip above to see all of the highlights from Seinfeld's night in the broadcast booth. Most of what he had to say had very little to do with the game—just peep the part where Seinfeld questions the padding on the outfield walls—but, for Mets fans, that was probably a good thing.

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[via MLB]