We feel bad for all the fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars right now. We really do. Through two weeks of the 2013-14 NFL season, their team has scored just 11 points. And it doesn't look like things are going to turn around anytime soon for them as they simply don't have the talent to keep up with anyone on the football field.

With that in mind, their fans are asking—make that, begging—the Jags to reconsider their stance on Tim Tebow. In the past, the Jags have come out and said that they would not consider signing Tebow. But a small group of Jags fans is gathering in the parking lot at EverBank Field in Jacksonville right now (they were planning to start at 3:16 p.m.) to hold a rally to try and force the Jags to ink Tebow to a deal.

"The Jaguars' season is really in the tank," Jags fan James Stewart, one of the organizers of the rally, told ESPN earlier. "They don't have a lot of promise. There's not a lot to watch. We're consumers and the Jaguars are a product, and there's a lot of room for improvement. Tebow we think would be value added if he were to be signed and given an opportunity at quarterback…It's the perfect time in our view to do a Tebow experiment. Whether you like him or not, I think everyone would watch. It would be compelling."

We can't believe we're going to say this, but…we agree. A Florida TV station actually had to issue an apology yesterday for airing a Jags game. That is how bad things have gotten down in Jacksonville. So what's the worst thing that could happen if the Jags signed Tebow? He's already a distraction for the team. So Jacksonville might as well put him on the payroll and try and sell out at least one game this season.

Stay tuned to see if the rally has any effect on the Jags management.

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