In college football, a 19.5-point line in terms of a point spread is nothing. If you get a really, really good college football team against a really crappy, lower-level college football team, you might see a line that is in the 40s or 50s. So a 19.5-point line is no big deal.

However, in the NFL, 19.5 points is a ton of points for a team to be "getting" against another NFL team. Despite what you might think when you watch some NFL games, the NFL is full of professional football players, and anything can happen during the course of a pro game. So with that in mind, it's kind of shocking to see the Jacksonville Jaguars open up as a 19.5-point underdog against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3 of the 2013-14 NFL season. Are the Jags bad? HELL YEAH. They're so bad that some of their fans have resorted to begging the team to bring Tim Tebow into the mix simply so they have a reason to turn on their TVs on Sunday afternoons. But do they really deserve to be a 19.5-point underdog this week?

Sadly, yes. The Jags stink, and the Seahawks look pretty awesome so far this season. So Jacksonville should be a huge underdog heading into Sunday's game, which, by the way, is in Seattle. But who knows? Maybe the Jags can pull out a victory! Errrr, that might be asking for too much. But maybe, just maybe, they can lose by less than three touchdowns to the Seahawks. What a win that would be.

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[via Eye on Football]