ICON Aircrafts puts a lot of research, time, and effort into every model that they build, but people only ever see the finished product. For this newly unveiled A5 Light Sport Aircraft concept, ICON decided to show the bones and nervous system by created a diagram of each part and applying it to the exterior of the plane, like an x-ray, using a vinyl wrap and satin titanium. The lines of the graphic vary in size and thickness to accurately show depth and scale. External and internal elements are labeled, including the BRS parachute, carbon fiber bucket seats, baggage claim, and nose gear actuator.

 ICON VP of design Klaus Tritschler said that BMW Art Cars were an inspiration for the A5 Light Sport's design as well as films like Tron, adding that "The closer you look, the more information you get out of it...yet from a distance, the complex line work becomes an intriguing piece of art.” For more information about this concept design and other ICON aircrafts, visit their website here and watch the guided tour below:

[via ICON]