Year: 2007

Sometimes, when your team takes a tough loss, it's easy to point to the players and accuse them of not caring enough, or not putting their hearts into the game. Often, this assumption is wrong, but it becomes a lot easier to say when your team is found to have been partying with prostitutes and partying after their defeat. Case in point: The Czech national soccer team which, after falling to Germany in March of 2007, decided to throwdown at the team's hotel with some pretty interesting company. Specifically, six prostitutes. The women came into the room and joined team members Tomas Rosicky, Jan Polak, Marek Cech, Martin Jiranek and Ujfalusi who were, in their defense, celebrating Ujfalusi's birthday. The national soccer association wasn't so sympathetic with them, though, as they fined the entire team for failing to keep better control of the players.