Year: 2010

When you're engaged to a woman as beautiful as Abigail Clancy, you'd think that you'd be pretty well-satisfied in the sack, wouldn't you? Apparently, the British lingerie model wasn't enough to please English footballer Peter Crouch, who was caught paying for sex with a teenaged prostitute back in 2010. Playing for Tottenham at the time, Crouch had been in Madrid on a weekend trip with friends, and apparently threw down a 1,000 euros for a quickie with the young woman, who goes by the name Monica Mint. Cheating on a woman like Clancy is never a good move, but the kicker here? Even Mint knew that Crouch was making a dumb decision, as she was later quoted as saying, "I can't believe he paid for sex with someone like me when he has a gorgeous woman like her at home." You know you've done wrong when even a prostitute is questioning your judgment.