Guide dogs are amazing creatures, aren't they? Earlier this year, we saw a guide dog in California save the lives of two men when he alerted them to a runaway car that was creeping up behind them. And in England recently, the guide dog that you see in the photo above—who goes by the name Jet—helped save a baby in a stroller that came thisclose to getting hit by a car.

Jet was walking with his owner Jessica Cowley—who is legally blind—and her son Jacob near a park in Leigh, England last week when a car started speeding towards them. But because of Cowley's condition, she didn't realize what was happening. Jet did, though, and he sprung into action by pushing Jacob's stroller out of the car's path. The car hit Cowley, but she only suffered some minor bumps and bruises as a result of it. It likely would have done far worse damage to her son had Jet not acted so bravely.

"Jet saved Jacob's life," Cowley said after the incident. "I dread to think what would have happened if she hadn't pushed him out of the way."

Us, too. But fortunately for her, Jet was on the lookout. Great save.

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[via Huffington Post]