Back in the early 1990s, surfing legend Laird Hamilton helped change the way that surfers caught big waves by introducing the concept of tow-in surfing to the world. Now, he's hoping that he can change the way that fat guys who love the game of golf participate in their sport, too.

For years now, golfers have relied on golf carts to get them from point A to point B on the golf course. But Hamilton and seven other scientists, engineers, and inventors are hoping to change that. They created what they're calling the GolfBoard recently, and they're thinking that it could replace the golf cart one day soon. They just finished a Kickstarter campaign that helped them raise more than $100,000 that they'll put towards developing the GolfBoard and getting it out into the world.

So what in the world is the GolfBoard? Well, as you can see, it's basically a snowboard that has been repurposed for the golf course. It's designed to carry one person, a bag of golf clubs, and beverages on the golf course and is equipped to handle at least 18 holes of golf. It can reach speeds of 12 mph and is supposed to help make golfing even more fun than it already is.

Will it catch on? Eh, maybe. We could see the younger crowd flocking towards these as opposed to the traditional golf court. But we don't see anyone over the age of 30 opting for one over a cart. Then again, Hamilton did change surfing once upon a time. So maybe golf is next.

Check out the video above to see how the GolfBoard works.

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[via The Blaze]