In recent weeks, there have been rumors circulating about the possibility of Gilbert Arenas playing with the Clippers during the upcoming NBA season. But according to Arenas, who spoke with HipHollywood recently, he will not be playing in the league this year. And it's not necessarily because no one has called him about playing. It's because, well, he made his money in the NBA and now it's all about collecting a check in China and then coming home to spend time with his kids when his season ends in February.

"I don't need the NBA money," he said. "I have enough of it."

Wait…what?! We respect the honesty in that answer and don't doubt that Arenas has plenty of money in the bank. But doesn't that answer make it seem like playing in the NBA was only about the money to him? We don't know if he's jaded by the league at this point or what. But his reasoning for not wanting to pursue a spot in the NBA anymore is pretty bizarre, to say the least.

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[via HipHollywood]