According to a report that popped up on HipHollywood earlier this week, Game and Brandon Jennings got into an altercation at the nightclub Toxic out in California last weekend. The report said that the two got into an argument after Jennings, who was celebrating his birthday, started hogging the DJ's microphone. And as a result of it, Game allegedly punched Jennings in the face.

However, according to Game, he did not punch Jennings in the face at the club that night. Even though Jennings sent out a since-deleted tweet earlier today indicating that he did get hit by a "sucker punch when I wasn't looking" at the club, Game just denied that it was him who threw the punch during an interview with Big Tigger.

"I get a bad rap," he said. "I ain't had a real, good, solid fight since I beat up 40 Glocc. I didn't punch that dude in the face. I was right there. Some words was exchanged. He got into it with somebody, and then they took off. I was right there. I seen it, but it wasn't me. I had to take the Shaggy flow…it wasn't me."

So there you have it. Game says it wasn't him who hit Jennings. But either way, we don't see these two partying side-by-side in the club again anytime soon.

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[via Black Sports Online]