Well, this is certainly new.

It's no surprise that Floyd Mayweather is going to bet some money this weekend. He has made dozens of bets in the past and will make plenty of bets in the future. But typically, Money May doesn't tell us what he has bet until after he wins. It's one of the reasons he gets criticized for betting so often. He makes it seem like all he does is win when, in actuality, he's probably lost millions of dollars at this point.

However, Mayweather made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show yesterday and revealed that he has already placed a bet on Texas A&M and Johnny Manziel this Saturday. He's putting up $300,000 on the Aggies to beat the Arkansas Razorbacks on the road. And his reasoning behind doing it is simple.

"Johnny Football never has an off day," he said.

Never say never, Floyd! But good luck. We're glad that you finally decided to show us your hand before you saw the outcome of a bet. It'll make us that more interested to see how the A&M/Arkansas game plays out.

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[via For The Win]