As sloppy as this game was in certain points, Eli Manning still had a great game statistically against the Cowboys. Manning went 27-for-42 and threw for 450 yards with four touchdowns, which is not too far from Peyton's 462-yard, 27-for-42 performance on Thursday.

Eli was three touchdowns off from Peyton's seven though, and the Giants quarterback instead threw three interceptions. The first one came in the first play of the game, and the third interception ruined a potential fourth quarter comeback drive where Eli's pass bounced off Da'Rel Scott's hands and into the hands of Brandon Carr for a pick six. Scott subbed in for David Wilson, who caught apparently caught a severe case of fumblitis and coughed up two turnovers.

Bottom line: Giants lost 36-31 and six turnovers may make even the most cool-headed quarterback throw a fit. And when Manning throws a fit, we get the #ManningFace. Boy have we missed football.

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[via Deadspin]