Attention, pro athletes: Stop making the throat-slashing gesture after you make a big play. No, seriously. STOP MAKING THE THROAT-SLASHING GESTURE AFTER YOU MAKE A BIG PLAY. It's not clever, it's offensive to some people, and it will earn you a fine.

Dez Bryant just found that out the hard way. He used the throat-slashing gesture during the Rams/Cowboys game on Sunday afternoon after scoring a touchdown, and the league just decided to hit him where it hurts. They fined him $7,875 for using the gesture, and he issued an apology for using it.

"I shouldn't have done it," he said. "I never put anything with the X. Do the X and go on."

Or better yet, just don't do anything. Hand the ball to the referee and keep it moving. It's your cheapest possible option.

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[via Eye on Football]