As summer comes to a close and crisp leaves begin to appear on the sidewalks, its time to say goodbye to an old friend, your lawn mower. Sure, you've spent some amazing weeks with her. Maybe you even developed a sort of relationship, a sweet, summer fling.

Remember the time you stayed out in the sun for hours with her, getting sweaty and sunburnt as the two of you ploughed through the tall, green grass together? Or the time when you made a couple of extra bucks by mowing for the neighbors? She stuck by you the whole time. Through the thick and thin. But now it's time to put her back where she belongs for a large majority of the months: storage. 

In honor of your old, faithful lawn mower, perhaps one of the most underrated rides of all time, we give you the best of the best weirdest of the weird with The Most Ridiculous Custom Lawn Mowers

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