A lot of punters would be satisfied with seeing their punts travel within the 20-yard line while avoiding taking a hit in the process. San Jose' Harrison Waid, however, came to bring the ruckus.

Minnesota's Derrick Wells decided to hit Waid with a pretty unneccesary shove on an onside kick. Perhaps even more unnecessary is how Waid completely goes into kill mode and pounces on Ahanmisi like he stole something. Yes, Waid is just above six feet, 180-lbs, while Wells is a little over 200-lbs. at the same height.  But still, Waid just didn't give a damn.

The players' scuffle ended up starting a bigger one between the two teams. Waid got ejected because of his actions, but as they say, even if he was wrong he got his point across.

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[via SB Nation]