Hey, football players. We don't mind when you celebrate touchdowns. In fact, we encourage it. We know you're probably going to get flagged for an "excessive celebration" penalty for it. But you know what? YOLO. If you score a touchdown, you deserve to celebrate. With that being said, though, please, please, please, please, please do us one favor: MAKE SURE YOU CROSS THE GOAL LINE BEFORE YOU START CELEBRATING!

Last Thursday night, Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan picked off a pass thrown by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco and ran it back for a touchdown. Er, well, he almost ran it back for a touchdown. But he started celebrating too early, dropped the ball on the one-yard line, and cost his team an easy TD. And last night, in the college football ranks, Texas Tech running back DeAndre Washington did the same exact thing during a game against TCU. With the game all tied up in the fourth quarter, Washington caught a pass from Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb, made his way 48 yards down the field, and ran into the end zone. But he, too, started celebrating early and dropped the ball on the half-yard line before he crossed the goal line.

Fortunately for him, no one on TCU noticed and picked the ball up. So the referees blew the play dead and put the ball on the one-yard line for Texas Tech. They also called a 15-yard penalty on Texas Tech for excessive celebration, which knocked them back to the 16-yard line. But they got another chance to score and scored a short time later. Still, when are these guys going to learn?! You have to actually score before you start celebrating, fellas.

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[via College Spun]