Broncos running backs Ronnie Hillman, Knowshon Moreno, and Montee Ball probably aren't going to get the opportunity to score many touchdowns during the 2013-14 NFL season. Their team's quarterback Peyton Manning is slinging the ball all over the field right now and setting records because of how many touchdown passes he's throwing, so it's unlikely that the three of them are going to finish the year off with a ton of TDs.

As a result of that, all three of them wanted the ball in their hands last night in order to try and score a touchdown when the Broncos got the ball down to the one-yard line against the Raiders with Denver comfortably ahead 30-14. So how did they decide who was going to get to score? Well, during a challenge of the previous play, which saw Hillman work his way down to the one-yard line, Hillman, Moreno, and Ball played Rock, Paper, Scissors—yes, Rock, Paper, Scissors!—on the sideline to determine which of them would get to score a touchdown. And Hillman wound up winning the contest by throwing scissors against Ball's paper (rookie mistake!) and then running into the end zone on the next play.

Look out, NFL. The Broncos are just toying around with you guys right now.

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[via For The Win]