You want a Booo-gatti? You want a Maserati? What about a Lamborghini? Of course you do. Who doesn't want a fleet of supercars? Well, the time has finally come when we can all get what we want! How, you ask? Britney Spears just released top secret information about how to get 'em in a new teaser for her song "Work, Bitch." 

Okay, so come close. All you have to do is ... *inside library whisper voice* ... "work that shhhh." And by shh, we mean shit. And by shit, we mean butt or body. And by work that, we mean provocatively flaunt. Just provacatively flaunt your butt or body, and there you have it. Bugatti dreams, Lamborghini teams, and Maserati schemes all dropped in your lap. Your body might also benefit by becoming hot. Thank us later, and watch Britney give the sultry sin-structions in her Instavid below: 

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[via Britney Spears