Enthusiasts can rejoice and BMW nay-sayers can say "yea!" Why? because the BMW M3 and M4 will be available with a manual transmission, despite months of rumors to the contrary. Said wunder-transmission will be hooked up to a twin-turbo I6 putting out 430 horses and "far beyond" 369 ft-lbs of torque. Weight is 3,300 lbs without a driver, giving the car a weight:power ratio of 7.68:1. That's getting close to the C63 AMG Black Series' 7.29:1 and significantly outdoes the regular C63 AMG. 

That low weight is due to wide use of carbon fiber, aluminium, and magnesium in contruction. Speed will be gathered quickly, and scrubbed off quickly if you opt for the carbon ceramic brake package.

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[via BMW