The 2007 Patriots were something to marvel at as they dismantled team by team in their undefeated regular season run of 16-0. Once in the playoffs, they made quick work of their opponents as they made their way to the Super Bowl. However, they suffered what might be the biggest upset in Super Bowl history as the Wild Card Giants pulled off a late stunner and defeated the Patriots 17-14.

What could've been: Had the Pats gone undefeated and finished off the Giants in '07 we'd all be looking at both teams very differently in a historical sense. Firstly, the '72 Dolphins feat would seem less impressive and pale in comparison to most fans because of the level of competition in today's game. The Giants and Eli Manning wouldn't be looked at as not as battle-tested nor clutch, and they probably wouldn't have had the confidence to win their second title in 2011. The Patriots and Belichick would debunk the stigma about them not being able to win a title without cheating, while Randy Moss' career would've been solidified with a ring and being a part of the greatest offense ever.