The 2007 draft boasted two perceived prized possessions for NBA franchises in Ohio State's center Greg Oden and Texas' forward Kevin Durant. Going into the 2007 Draft analysts projected both to be able to progress to the NBA level and have their games translate. Oden came with great low post defence and solid size and KD came with an incredible combo of guard skills with a forward body. Most felt that Oden would be a solid defensive player coming in and develop on offensive game with time where Kevin Durant already was a scorer but would have to find a position to suit him and bulk up.

The Trail Blazers won the lottery while the Supersonics landed the second overall. After some debate, the Blazers went with size and selected Greg Oden as the Supersonics selected Durant shortly thereafter. Due to a plethora of injuries Oden has only played in 82 games since being drafted and was eventually let go by the Blazers, while Kevin Durant has developed into a superstar in the league winning the scoring title for the past three seasons.

What could've been: The easy answer, they'd be a perennial playoff team with the best scorer in the NBA and a solid low post running mate in Lamarcus Aldridge. No telling what the rest of their team would look like today, but a few years of a threesome of Kevin Durant, Lamarcus Aldridge, and Brandon Roy would have made the West pretty interesting. Regardless of just how good they'd be, the biggest difference would be the lack of a setback Oden put on the franchise that they're just now healing from. KD could have been their solidified number one option and potentially lured other good players to come to Portland which leads us into believing they'd be a title contender today.