For all of the dumb reasons LeBron and the Heat are hated on, "The Decision" is undeniably one of actual good ones. The King decided he'd have his own national ESPN special to announce the team he'd be playing for. Except he didn't realize he'd be cutting the hearts out of all Cleveland Cavalier fans in front of millions by announcing that he'd be taking his talents to South Beach. The backlash afterward and pep rally shortly thereafter was horrendous as Cleveland fans could be seen cursing his name and burning his jersey. The vast majority of basketball fans were completely turned off by the methods for announcing what team he'd be joining. He instantly became the villian of the NBA and the most-hated athlete alive to seemingly everybody not in Miami. After stellar play from 2011 onward, Bron has revived his image where today his skills and success on the court have shaped public opionion to be much more favorable.

What could've been: Had LeBron never done "The Decision" we think it'd be fair to say he wouldn't have become public enemy No. 1 in the sports world. Granted Cleveland fans would still be mad at him for jolting from his hometown team, the backlash wouldn't be on the level it was if he handled the situation like a normal free agent signing. You can also argue that he wouldn't have taken on the villian persona in his first year in South Beach, which in turn might have led to better, more relaxed play in the Finals.