Injury bugs have hampered the careers of many great athletes despite the many advancements we have in modern medicine. Guys like Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway are great examples of potential stars who were a step slower due to injury. Before the injury bug hit him, Grant Hill was a budding NBA star with the Pistons who was on his way to being a complete all-around player with elite athleticism. Penny was similarly becoming one of the best players of his era before the knee injuries. He still managed to become a household name thanks to Nike's brilliant "Lil Penny" marketing campaign. Both fell from grace, but still managed to have long careers.

What could've been: If these guys were somehow able to remain healthy and avoid the injury bug, both would have major says in what happened in the Eastern Conference. A healthy Penny would've made it easier for the Magic to land another big name after Shaq skip town. And Grant Hill, would've eventually got out of the first round before he was a member of the Suns. He also would've been a triple-double machine like Jason Kidd.