In the 2003 NBA Draft, the Detroit Pistons were faced with a tough decision with the second overall pick. They could've went with the small forward Syracuse star fresh off a NCAA title win in Carmelo Anthony, Marquette guard Dwyane Wade, or Georgia Tech power forward Chris Bosh. Instead, Joe Dumars and co. chose foreign lesser known center in Darko Milicic. We all know how that story played out as Darko is barely making an impact in the NBA while Melo, Wade, and Bosh are all top-tier players, two of which have multiple championship rings.

What could've been: We all know the Pistons went to the Finals and won the year they drafted Darko, so the immediate thought would be "Pistons Dynasty!" had they nabbed one of three stars mentioned. We can confidently say that they would've beaten the Spurs the next year in the Finals netting them two straight chips. They would have had a legitimate shot at a dynasty and remained relevant today had they made the right choice. Just imagine Melo, Wade, or Bosh coming off the bench for those Pistons teams?