The release of Grand Theft Auto V is nearly upon us. Thank you, Based God. On Tuesday we'll be able to say goodbye to our friends, family, and responsibilities to fully immerse ourselves in the updated San Andreas. We'll perform heists, hold up liquor stores, and blow up whatever we damn well please. And then there are the vehicles. Let's not forget about those. 

Driving things we'd (well, you) never get to touch in real life—like supercars, deadly helicopters, and a hot dog van, because why not?—has been one of the highlights of every game in the series. The title refers to stealing cars, so how could we expect anything less. Before we get to see all the new whips in GTA V, ride that hot dog van down memory lane with The 25 Best Vehicles From the Grand Theft Auto Series. You might even see some of them revamped come Tuesday. 

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