Your life is tough, we know. You want a Bentley Continental GT (with the matching leather car seat), but you really want four doors so that it's easier for you to luxuriously load your heiress in the back seat. The answer to this conundrum is easy, buy a Bentley Flying Spur, since that's more or less just a four-door Continental GT. Oh, you don't like how it looks because you don't want a sedan, but you do want four doors. Yes, your life is very hard, and Bentley is working even harder to make you happy. 

That's right, Bentley is working on a so-called four-door coupe, that will compete even more directly with Aston Martin's Rapide. Expect it to either ride ont he platform from the next generation Audi A8 or the Porsche Panamera, and for it to be the cheapest and fastest selling car of the bunch.

We expect it to look more like the Conti than any other flying B.

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[via CAR Magazine