Aaron Hernandez isn't the only one in his family that's in trouble right now.

Earlier this afternoon, Hernandez's fiancée Shayanna Jenkins—who has made several appearances in court in recent months—was charged with perjury. Police believe that she made "overt attempts to hide evidence" back in June when they attempted to search a storage locker that was rented in her name. They also believe that Jenkins may know where the gun that was used to kill Odin Lloyd is located.

Hernandez's cousin Tanya Singleton was hit with an accessory to murder after the fact charge as well. Police believe she may have helped one of Hernandez's accomplices in the murder of Lloyd Ernest Wallace escape to Florida shortly after the alleged crime was committed. They have searched her home on a number of instances in connection with the crime.

Stay tuned for more details on both charges. Things aren't looking very good for Hernandez or his family right now.

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[via Eye on Football]