By all accounts, sports statistician Martin Manley liked to keep things in his life organized. He was, after all, the creator of the NBA's efficiency index and a former contributor for the Kansas City Star who used numbers and stats to make sense of the sports world. So it's not hard to imagine why he would create a website dedicated to organizing his thoughts on life, death, and everything that takes place in between.

What's bizarre, though, is that Manley chose not to show the website to the world until yesterday, when he posted a link to his website to the site Sports in Review along with a note indicating that he had committed suicide earlier in the day. He then used the site to calmly and matter-of-factly break down exactly what led to his suicide and his thinking behind it.

It's pretty creepy and, to be honest, incredibly uncomfortable to read. That someone could be so cool and collected while essentially planning their death and writing out their final thoughts is a bit unnerving—okay, really unnerving—and…well, we'll just let you check it out for yourself.

All that we can say is that we hope Manley has found some sort of peace. What a strange way to end your life.

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