Rumors have been swirling thatJaguar is looking into making a front driven hatchback to take on the Mini Cooper, but we have confirmations of new Jags to share that are, to us at least, much more important. Rather than boring you with endless blabbering, we're just going to spill it:

2014 F-Type Coupe: Nobody's surprised, but nobody's complaining either.
2015 Q-Type: Jaguar's long awaited answer to the BMW 3-Series also has to contend with the Cadillac ATS now.
2016 XQ: The Q-Type's platform (called PLA) is being designed to be modular, and will give birth to a crossover that will probably be similar in style to the Land Rover Evoque
2016 XJ: The PLA platform will be stretched to make the new flagship sedan. Hopefully those terrible black no matter what c-pillars are never spoken of again.
2016  XK: The next generation XK will also be PLA based, which should mean drivers might get a more useable rear seat, especially since the F-Type is there for those who just want a two-seater.
2017 XF: The XF will be getting pretty long in the tooth come 2017, so a new PLA platform XF will replace it.

All we have to say is: the PLA platform had damn well better be good.

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[via Autocar