Former Chicago Bulls small forward Scottie Pippen will no longer face criminal charges concerning his role in a fight that took place between him and a man at a Nobu in Malibu, CA back in June. However, as previously reported, Pippen is still getting sued for $4M by this man. 

The man—a California resident by the name of Camran Shafighi—was reportedly drunk when he and Pippen got into their tiff, as he badgered Pippen for an autograph despite the basketball star's repeated refusals. Shafighi tells the story a little differently, claiming that his requests were harmless, and that Pippen acted aggressively toward him for no reason. He says that Pippen punched him in the mouth kicked him numerous times.

Past reports indicate, though, that several people who witnessed the fight between Pippen and Shafighi say an autograph request was not what set Pippen over the edge. Rather, Pippen reportedly got upset after Shafighi repeatedly took photos of him both inside and outside of Nobu. That led to an argument, which led to violence, which then led to Pippen reportedly delivering a knockout punch.

We'll just have to let the court have the final say on this one.

As many of us know, though, the last few years haven't been too kind to Scottie, financially. Here's hoping that the Hall of Famer can avoid getting hit too hard on this case if it turns out that he is innocent.

[via SLAM]

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