Shortly after the Eagles found out about Riley Cooper's racist video yesterday afternoon, they fined him. We're not exactly sure how much they fined him—Cooper said it was a "significant" amount of money—but they did fine him. They also announced that he will undergo some sort of special "training" with regards to racial sensitivity. But we sort of expected the NFL to take some disciplinary action, too. After all, Roger Goodell & Co. have made a habit out of fining and suspending players in recent years.

However, Goodell appeared on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning earlier today and announced that no such disciplinary action is coming. He talked about how "unacceptable" Cooper's comments were. But he pointed out that, because the Eagles have already handed out a fine to Cooper, the NFL will refrain from handing out a similar punishment.

"We do not penalize at the club level and league level for the same incident," he said. "We will not be taking action separately from the club."

So there you have it. The NFL will not punish Cooper a second time for his actions. Seems fair, right? Errr…

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[via Pro Football Talk]