Quarterback and special teamer, Tim Tebow, has been a magnet for criticism for much of his playing career at the collegiate and professional level, but today we learned that the oft-maligned football folk hero has at least one fan in his camp. And that fan could turn out to be a pretty useful one, as it's none other than New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft

Tebow, in what some may consider an upset, survived the first round of cuts today as the Patriots began to whittle down their roster to the final 53. Given that he was benched for the entirety of New England's 40-9 loss to the Detroit Lions last week, many were speculating that the end was near for Tebow's tenure in Foxborough. 

Tebow wasn't the only one who was happy to hear that he made it, either. Kraft was quoted as saying that's he's "rooting for [Tebow] big time. He's a very special young man. He's been a real joy to have around here."

Could Kraft's interest in Tebow help the former Florida Gators gridiron star make the team? If we know one thing about head coach Bill Belichick, it's that he isn't going to let anyone but himself influence a decision like this. But having the owner on your side certainly doesn't hurt. 

New England plays host the New York Giants on Thursday for their final preseason game. Will Tebow be able to prove his worth to the team? We can only wait and see. 

[via CBS Sports]

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