Remember when former ESPN talking head Rob Parker got fired for referring to Robert Griffin III as a "cornball brother" and questioning his blackness? Of course you do. It eventually cost Parker his job. But according to a new interview that RGIII just did with GQ, he was not happy to see Parker get canned for making his comments. That doesn't mean that he was happy with what he said. But he didn't want to see the guy get fired for it.

"I don't think it's right to make fun of Rob Parker for losing his job," he told GQ. "There's some wrong in what he said, but there's some wrong in him losing his job as well. And I don't want people to think that I, you know, that I'm trying to stick it to Rob Parker, or that I'm happy he lost his job. But I was very unhappy with the things he said. I mean, why did he say that?"

Why? Uhhhhhhh…anyone got an answer?! Parker himself is still trying to figure that one out. But it's nice to hear that RGIII isn't holding a grudge. The guy has bigger problems right now—like finding a way to get back out onto the football field after undergoing rehab on his knee all offseason—so we're glad that he has moved on.

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[via Black Sports Online]